Ideas For Your Family Beach Vacation At Atlantis

family vacation at Atlantis

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Situated on Paradise Island within the Bahamas, the
Atlantis Paradise Island offers so many activities
that it is most likely one of the only resorts in the
world where you will need a map to even get round!

The lodging right here range from reasonably
priced to very costly. Families on vacation
right here ought to take into account staying in the Coral Towers,
which is probably the most centrally situated tower at
Atlantis. The Coral Towers is also closest to the
Predator Lagoon and the Lagoon Pool as well.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is also full of
activities for visitors of all ages. The eleven
pool areas, miles of sandy seaside, and Neptune’s
Water Toys Hut give visitors access to many water
based activities. Neptune’s offers non motorized
water sports activities which include water bikes, pedal
boats, kayaks, and even snorkeling equipment leases.

Mother and father will adore
Atlantis has two totally different programs for kids,
the Aqua Tots program and the Discovery Channel Camp.
The Aqua Tots program was designed for kids 3
years old and up, whereas the discovery camp is for
children 4 – 12 years old and ranges from a 1 hour
program to one that includes lunch and even dinner.

Children love
All kids love the six different water slides and
the marine exhibits. This could hold children busy for
hours and hours, and are pretty enjoyable for the parents
as well. To be able to enjoy the slides, children have to be
at least 48 inches tall.

A beach vacation at Atlantis is one thing your
whole family will love. There’s something here
to keep everybody occupied, from the beaches to fun
on the slides. If your family enjoys the best of fun
and the beach, Atlantis is one thing your entire
family will take pleasure in and love coming back to.